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Microtec IM-2 Inverted Microscope
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Product Description

IM-2 Inverted Microscope with 3 LWD Plan Phase contrast objectives 4x,10x and 20 x as standard, optional 40x available.

 Phase telescope and Phase slider for 4x, 10x, 20x and 40x objectives.Stand with coarse and fine focusing,Binoclar head with photo port as standard.

The IM-2 Inverted microscope has excellent flat field phase contrast long working distance objectives. The illumination is a 6v 30w Halogen lamp with intensity regulation. The standard model has a phototube incorporated; enabling a camera attachment to be readily added.

Please click here to download a PDF document for more information and technical specification.

Product CodeDescriptionPrice:
IM-2Tec IM-2 Inverted Biological Microscope£2,895.00
IM-2001Attachable mechanical stage£140.00
IM-2003Holder for 35mm diameter petrdish£32.00
IM-2004Holder for 3x1 slide£32.00
IM-2005Holder for Tereaki chamber£32.00
IM-2PL40PLWD Plan objective40x Phase contrast£323.00
IM-2002Stage extenders-70mm increased width on each side£43.00
IM-2006 Camera C-mount adapter 0.5x£75.00
IM-2007Camera C-mount adapter 0.67x£108.00