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Microtec RM-3 Microscope
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Product Description

The RM-3 is for examining specimens in brightfield and darkfield illumination. 

The specimen is illuminated through the objective for viewing solid material in reflected light. The dark field feature enables the illumination to be directed from the side. This is useful for examining surface topography.

It is also a technique useful to conservators for looking at paint samples, low reflecting specimens such as charcoal, etc.

The RM-3 standard outfit comprises the following

Viewing head
Inclined binocular head with vertical photo tube

Widefield 10x/20

Reflected light brightfield and darkfield incident illuminator with field iris and aperture iris. 12v 50w lamp unit with regulating transformer

Quintuple nosepiece

Mechanical stage
189 x 155mm mechanical stage with coaxial control for a movement range of 75 x 55mm

Brightfield/Darkfield objectives
PLAN BD 5x    NA = 0.1     WD = 29.4mm
PLAN BD 10x  NA = 0.25   WD = 16mm
PLAN BD 20x  NA = 0.40   WD = 10.6mm
PLAN BD 50x  NA = 0.55   WD = 5.1mm

Coaxial course and fine focusing

A slide in polariser and analyser are included as standard

The stand has a vertical column. This enables the microscope to be easily adjusted in height for a large range of different thickness specimens

 Optional extra objective

PLAN BD 100x  NA = 0.80    WD = 3.0mm

RM- 3 Reflected light brightfield/darkfield microscope – standard outfit with binocular head, phototube, 10x eyepieces, BD objectives 5x,10x, 20x and 40x, incident illuminator, 50w lamp unit, regulating transformer, mechanical stage, pole stand.


Product Code DescriptionPrice:
RM- 3 Reflected light brightfield/darkfield microscope£2,384.00
RM-3O100 PLAN BD 100x Objective £547.00
RM-3TV2 C-mount 0.5x adapter£85.00