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HM-2 Basic stereomicroscope with turret change magnification changer
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Product Description

The MICROTEC HM-2 is an economically priced stereo microscope. The objective turret contains two pairs of objectives and the magnification is changed by rotating the turret.

It is available on a plain stand or with a stand with built-in incident and transmitted halogen illumination.

Please order a head and a stand in order to obtain the full product.

Accessories also available below.

There are three versions available with 1x/2x, 1x/3x and 2x/4x objectives. See table for magnifications and fields of view with the widefield 10x eyepieces.

15x and 20x eyepieces are also available as an optional extra.



Plain Stand

Halogen incident
& transmitted stand


LED incident &


Turret Objectives

Total Magnification
Field of View

With 10x eyepieces


1x / 2x

10x & 20x
20mm &10mm


1x / 3x

10x & 30x
20mm & 6.7mm


2x / 4x

20x & 40x
10mm & 5mm


Product Code DescriptionPrice:
HM-2A Stereomicroscope 10x/20x head, includes 10x eyepieces£270.00
HM-2B Stereomicroscope 10x/30x head, includes 10x eyepieces£270.00
HM-2C Stereomicroscope 20x/40x head, includes 10x eyepieces£270.00
HM-3P Plain stand inc. focusing unit£85.00
HM-3PT Halogen illuminated stand inc. focusing unit£125.00
HM-3L4 LED Illuminated stand inc. focusing unit£210.00
HM-3P220-LED Plain stand complete with incident dual arm LED lighting£250.00
HM-3L1 Long arm heavy base stand£184.00
HM-315E Pair of 15x eyepieces£72.00
HM-320E Pair of 20x eyepieces£72.00
HM-310FG Focusing 10x eyepiece with scale graticule 10:100£48.00