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HM-4 Stereomicroscope with click stops and zoom lock
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Product Description

HM-4 On LED transmitted
and incident light stand

HM-4 with alternative LED
incident ring light

The MICROTEC HM-4 Stereo microscope has a built-in phototube and a zoom ratio range of 6.4:1. A selection of stands, supplementary front lenses and eyepieces are available, enabling a range of magnifications from 3.5x to 270x  to be achieved. 

The HM-4 also incorporates a zoom lock and click stops on the zoom adjustment at factors of 1x, 2x, 3x & 4x



Zoom Lock   




Click stops in Zoom Control

Alternative stands to those shown above

Plain Stand

Halogen incident
& transmitted stand

Transmitted stand

(Requires HM-3L Lamp)

Long arm

Large long
Arm stand

Extra long reach
Counter-balanced stand

Product Code DescriptionPrice:
HM-315A Additional objective 1.5x£58.00
HM-320A Additional objective 2.0x£58.00
HM-3P Plain stand inc. Focusing unit£85.00
HM-3PT Halogen illuminated stand inc. Focusing unit£125.00
HM-3L4 LED Illuminated stand inc. focusing£210.00
HM-3TM Stand with tilting mirror inc. focusing£243.00
HM-3L1 Long arm stand£184.00
HM-3L2 Large long arm stand£292.00
HM-3L7 Long reach stand£430.00
HM-3F Focusing unit£60.00
HM-3FF Course and fine focusing unit£110.00
HM-3L 15w Halogen lamp with adjustable arm and power supply£135.00
HM-4RL LED ring light£180.00
HM-3POL Polariser and circular rotating stage£97.00
HM-3ANY Analyser£85.00
HM-3TV2 C-mount adapter 0.5x£85.00
HM-3TV3 C-mount adapter 0.3x£85.00
HM-3TV3 C-mount adapter 0.3x£85.00
HM3BT 12v 15w lamp, incident£10.00
HM-3BB 12 15w lamp, transmitted£5.00
HM-4 Microtec HM-4 Stereo microscope with phototube, transmitted & incident LED illumination stand£748.00
HM-4TR Microtec HM-4 head only with 10x eyepieces£538.00
HM-410E Pair of focusing 10x eyepieces£98.00
HM-415E Pair 15x focusing eyepieces£98.00
HM-420E Pair 20x focusing eyepieces£98.00
HM-425E Pair 25x focusing eyepieces£126.00
HM-430E Pair 30x focusing eyepieces£150.00
HM-410FG 10x focusing with graticule 10:100£60.00
HM-415FG 15x focusing with graticule 10:100£60.00
HM-420FG 20x focusing with graticule 10:100£60.00
HM-305A Additional objective 0.5x£58.00