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Powered Respirators

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3M Versaflo Powered Respirator
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Product Description

The 3M Versaflo range simplifies the equipment selection process, increases versatility and iomproves user comfort every step of the way.

Product Code DescriptionPrice:
277301 3M Versaflo TR-315 Powered Air Starter Kit£0.00
277300 3M Versaflo TR-302E Powered Air Turbo Unit£0.00
277304 3M Versaflo TR-330 Standard Battery Pack£0.00
277305 3M Versaflo TR-332 High Capacity Battery Pack (Longer Life)£0.00
277307 3M Versaflo TR-344UK 4-Station Battery Charger Kit£0.00
277306 3M Versaflo TR-341UK Single Station Battery Charger Kit£0.00
277308 3M Versaflo TR-3600 Pre-filter£13.49
277309 3M Versaflo TR-3710E Particulate Filter (P)£27.74
277310 3M Versaflo TR-3800E P+Nuisance Level Organic Vapour Filter£34.81
277311 3M Versaflo TR-3820E P+Hydrogen Fluoride +Nuisance Level Acid Gas Filter£34.43
277312 3M Versaflo BT-30 Length Adjusting Breathing Tube£51.62
277313 3M Versaflo BT-40 Heavy Duty Rubber Breathing Tube£90.34