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PFB250 Mobile Filtration Arm
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Product Description

The Monmouth Circulaire PFB250 mobile fume filtration arm provides an exceptional level of point of use operator protection.  Combining our industry leading filtration technology giving both chemical and particulate protection to 99.995% to 0.3 micron. The PFB250 incorporates the latest in containment technology to provide full compliance with COSHH regulations.

The PFB250 provides quantifiable and fully testable protection. The inflow is 250m³/hour to give more than sufficient flow to offer point of use protection for all laboratory source fumes, vapours and light particulate protection. (we have a large range of heavy / grinding and welding mobile fume arms here)

The main filters consist of 14kg of activated carbon that will be specifically matched to your application and are monitored with a hydrocarbon detection system to assist in the replacement of carbon filters.

The status of the airflow into the cabinet is constantly displayed on the control panel and is monitored and controlled electronically by the microprocessor to ensure the optimal airflow is achieved at all times.

The standard 2 meter radius arm an almost infinite range of extraction locations to suit whatever equipment or processes you have, this can be extended for a small nominal fee.

The arm easily rotates to almost 360° and all pivots and joints are deliberately located outside the airstream, this prevents contamination or clogging of the mechanical parts and ensures optimal inflow and reduced pressure drop – this in turn ensures low noise and high performance operation.

The Circulaire PFB250 mobile fume filtration arm is simple to operate and easy to manoeuvre. The unit fits easily through a standard doorway, even with the extended  arm. The non-mark lockable castors are friction free and so any operator can adjust the working position easily.

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PFB250 PFB250 Mobile Filtration Arm£3,334.00