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Fume Extraction Arms

200mm Ø Fume Extraction Arm
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Product Description

Monmouth's 200mm Ø Fume Extraction Arm's have been designed for local air pollution control.

The 200mm Ø arms are one of the most advanced and heavy duty devices avaliable. The arms are for the capture of welding smoke, grinding or polishing dust, oil mist as well as many other airborne pollutants at source; which can be a danger to human health or the production environment.

The 200mm Ø arm's are of a unique construction with aluminium die cast parts which lowers the total weight of the unit. The arm consists of a smooth tube with no mechanical parts contained within the duct which means a low pressure drop and noise level is possible, as well as easy maintenance and long operational life time. All adjustments required can be made on the outside which means there is no need to stop the exhaust system and there is no contact with the polluted air stream or ducting interior when adjustments are required.

This product is available in industrial powder coated blue and yellow (standard) or Laboratory White, or for chemical resistant and special applications, Stainless Steel.

A hanging or standing version is avaliable to suit your application. Optional mounting plates for wall or ceiling are also shown as additional options. A Connection Flange (for example to connect to a flexible duct) is also required where the mounting plates are used.

Further additional options include an integral halogen light which is integral to the unit, or a photosensor light package for welding applications. The light kit includes (12V/35W), photosensor for fume arm, automatic on/off with adjustable time out after welding has stopped or finally a grounding option to provide earth contact and static dissipation.

200mm Ø Fume Extraction Arm£683.33