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ZWR Fan Units
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Product Description

Monmouth's ZWR fan units are equipped with a backward inclined blade impeller of closed radial construction. ZWR units are meant for usage with non-explosive and chemically non-aggressive gases of temperatures up to 40oC (313K).

ZWR units can be used for polluted air and light dusts (up to 0.5 g/m3) but should not be used to transport solid parts. Fans are constructed of powder coated welded sheet iron. They have aluminium impellers which are mounted directly on the motor shaft. The fan inlet has a duct connection collar. See technical data table for fan/motor specifications.

The noise value is maximal and measurement has been taken in the range of 1M from open fan outlet and with 6M duct connected to the fan inlet. 5dB(A) decrease should be expected when fans are connected to duct installation.

  • The fans can be matched with almost all our products. Correctly selected fan ensures that maximum air volume at maximum efficiency can be moved along the system.
ZWR Fan Units£530.95