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Exhaust Hose Reels
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Product Description

Monmouth's Exhaust Hose Reels are designed to facilitate the extraction of fumes and gases produced by automobiles in locations such as repair and maintenance facilities.Reels can also be used in other very remote areas to provide extraction of fumes in areas such as hulls of ships or tanks.

Hoses are available at temperature ratings up to 150?c. The reel is fabricated from steel components which are either galvanised or painted, the hose of the reel is stored on a drum and the spring mechanism in the spring driven series allows for easy unrolling and automatic retraction of the flexible hose. The hose may be locked in place by means of the ratchet locking system. Flexible hoses of various diameters from 100mm to 150mm and lengths up to 10m simplify the servicing of vehicles and help to provide a safer workplace. The reel also includes a hose guide and mounting brackets as well as 2 side sheaves. Each spring driven reel is fully adjustable in tension to give the retraction an release strength. Flexible hoses may be provided with a variety of inlet nozzles depending on the vehicle being serviced. The inlet nozzle is then connected to the vehicle exhaust pipe. The outlet of the reel is designed to connect flexible hose or ducting with an outside diameter of 160mm.

Exhaust Hose Reels£1,367.86