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Plug and play datalogger - 2 sensor version [HI-141GH/LUM]
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Product Description

Plug and play datalogger with internal and external sensors

LCD display equipped datalogger recording up to 16,000 measurements 
Now featuring a new interchangeable Lumberg plug probe, the HI 141GH/LUM Hanna datalogger is more flexible than ever.

The quick plug and play feature combined with the instrument's continuous temperature readout opens up huge possibilities.

Operators can take a variety of checks in different locations and in quick succession by simply switching probes.

Designed to support best budgetary practice, one meter can be used with several different probes. This allows the instrument to be used for varying applications by simply exchanging the probe and selecting an appropriate alternative.

Ideal for

  • Food: chilled food distribution, fridge and freezer monitoring, grain storage
  • Laboratory: fridge and freezer monitoring, blood and organ transport

  • Key features

  • Store min/max temperature between logging intervals
  • Store up to 16,000 temperature samples in protected non-volatile EEPROM memory
  • White, water resistant casing is easy to clean
  • Select log interval: from1 second to 1 per 24 hours
  • Logging delay - up to 199 hours in advance
  • Tamper proof data collection system with details stored in serial numbered lots
  • Temp range: internal; - 20°C to + 70°C, external; -40°C to +125°C
  • Use as a thermometer
  • High and low alarm points

  • One small meter six BIG benefits

  • Use with any Hanna Lumberg probe
  • Test for calibration with certified Hanna test plugs
  • Use as a hand-held probe for on the spot checks
  • Fit a speciality probe for remote monitoring
  • Operate with bespoke probes to suit specific applications
  • 1 internal & 1 external sensor

  • Test on the spot
    By using a certified Hanna calibration test pug, the datalogger can be checked for accuracy in a matter of moments - a boon for operators and companies alike.

  • Simply plug in the calibration test plug in place of a probe
  • See the desired value on the LCD display
  • Save time and money with on the spot calibration which avoids the need to return the meter to the calibration laboratory

  • Supplied with

  • 3.6V lithium AA battery
  • Magnetic key
  • Instructions

  • Available as optional extra

  • HI 141000 windows application software
  • HI 141001 infrared transmitter
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    HI-141GH/LUM Plug and play datalogger - 2 sensor version£280.50