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Fruit Juice Mini Titrator HI-84532
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Product Description


  • Piston Driven Pump
  • Dynamic Dosing
  • pH/mV Meter
  • Log on Demand
  • Automatic Stirrer Speed Control
  • Application Specific Electrode
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Product Description

The HI 84532 digital automatic mini titrator and pH meter is designed for measuring the concentration of titratable hydrogen ions contained in fruit juice samples by neutralization with a strong base solution to a fixed pH as according to the official methods of analysis of AOAC International. This new generation of mini automatic titrator improves upon the titrant delivery system and measuring ranges for increased accuracy compared to previous models. This meter reflects Hanna’s years of experience as a manufacturer of analytical instruments.

A clear and intuitive user interface allows users to navigate the HI 84532’s menus and functions quickly. The HELP key located
on the keypad aids in on-screen set-up, calibration status and troubleshooting.

The HI 84532 incorporates a precise piston dosing system, which allows for a highly accurate determination of the amount of titrant used. It is capable of dynamic dosing, making testing both faster and more accurate. Pump calibrations, performed with the provided Hanna standards, help assure the measurement accuracy.

This mini-titrator is also designed to be used as a benchtop pH/mV meter. As a pH meter, it has many features of a professional grade benchtop including automatic calibration up to 3 points with 4 available buffers, a 0.01 pH resolution, accuracy of +/- 0.01 pH, automatic temperature compensation and comprehensive GLP Data. The GLP data includes date, time, offset, slope, and buffers used for calibration. Accuracy is always ensured with Hanna’s unique Cal-Check feature, which analyzes the response of the electrode during the calibration process. Based on electrode response in the buffers, indicators are displayed on screen to alert the user of potential problems during calibration. These indicators include Buffer Contaminated, Electrode Dirty / Broken, and overall probe condition as a percentage that is based on both the offset and slope characteristic of the electrode.

The Cal-Check function not only ensures an accurate pH reading when the HI 84532 is used as a pH meter but also an accurate titration since the end point is determined by a set pH value.

Why Titratable Acidity is So Important
Titratable acidity is an important parameter in determining fruit maturity and sour taste in citrus fruits. The maturity of fruit is one of the most important factors to determine how well fruit will store and how it will taste. For some fruits, governmental quality standards (based on titratable acidity or the ratio of total soluble solids (°Brix) to titratable acidity) are in place to protect consumers. Immature fruit will normally have a low sugar to acid ratio as compared to mature fruit that will have a high sugar to acid ratio.

The HI 84532 measures the concentration of titratable hydrogen ions contained in fruit juice samples by neutralization with a strong base solution to a fixed pH. This value includes all the substances of an acidic nature in the fruit juice including: free hydrogen ions,
organic acids and acid salts. Titratable acidity is expressed as g/100 mL of the predominant acid. The predominant acids in fruit depend on the type of fruit being tested and include citric acid, tartaric acid, and malic acid.

Order Information:

The HI 84532 is supplied with Starter Reagent, pH electrode, Temperature Probe, Fill solution, Beakers (3), Tubing set, Dosing pump valve, Syringe, Pipette, Stirring bar, Power adapter, Manual, Quality certificate.

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