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Portable Turbidity Meter [HI-93703] and [HI-93703C]
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Product Description

Portable turbidity meter

This microprocessor based turbidity meter delivers laboratory grade accuracy for field or factory use.

Water resistant, easy to hold and with a simple three-point calibration process, it is ideal for water testing and has proved highly popular across the UK.

Also available as a full kit HI-93703C - scroll to bottom of page for further details 

Ideal for

  • Drinking water
  • Rivers and canals
  • Waste water
  • Bore holes and wells

Key features

  • Water resistant, dust resistant casing
  • Rubberised keyboard is clearly marked for ease of use
  • Wide range (0.00 to 1000 FTU) promotes usability in wide variety of applications from drinking water to waste water
  • Easy three-point calibration
  • Fully recessed LCD display
  • Range: 0.00 to 1000 FTU

Order information

  • Meter only (HI -93703): glass cuvette, batteries and instructions
  • Full kit (HI-93703C): glass cuvettes, starter pack of solutions, lint free tissues, batteries, carry case and instructions


Portable Turbidity Kit

The HI-93703 is available as a full 'ready to go maintenance kit' complete with a starter pack of calibration and cleaning solutions, lint free tissues, measurement cuvettes and rugged carrying case.


(a few examples)


  • Waste water
  • Rivers and canals
  • Bore holes and wells


HI-93703 Supplied with:


  • Glass cuvette
  • Batteries
  • Instructions


HI-93703C Supplied with:


  • HI93703 portable turbidity meter
  • Glass cuvettes
  • Starter poack of solutions
  • Lint free tissues
  • Batteries
  • Carry case
  • Instructions


Product Code DescriptionPrice:
HI-93703 Portable Turbidity Meter£786.95
HI-93703C Portable Turbidity Kit£962.05