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Buffer Solutions

Bottles (Buffer Solution)
Prices From: Prices from: £26.00 ex. VAT
Product Description

pH solutions with a known value are called buffer solutions. They can be used to check the performance and accuracy of your pH meter and electrode and can also be used as a reference against which to calibrate.

Hanna buffer solutions are prepared according to precise formulae and standardised against NIST references to ensure quality and accuracy. They are supplied ready to use – so no pre mixing required – and feature full lot traceability for peace of mind.

For users operating in the field or performing infrequent calibrations, Hanna buffer solution is available in sealed 20 ml volume sachets.


For multiple calibrations or laboratory use, solutions are available in economically priced 500 ml bottles.

Product Code pH Value @ 25°C Size PackagePrice:
HI-7004L 4.01 pH 500 mL 1 Bottle£26.00
HI-7006L 6.86 pH 500 mL 1 Bottle£26.00
HI-7007L 7.01 pH 500 mL 1 Bottle£26.00
HI-7009L 9.18 pH 500 mL 1 Bottle£26.00
HI-7010L 10.01 pH 500 mL 1 Bottle£26.00