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IMM-1 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
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Product Description

The IMM-1 is a compact inverted metallurgical microscope with high quality flat field optics.

The standard version incorporates a phototube enabling a camera system to be attached.


Stand with coaxial coarse and fine focusing, calibrated to 2μm

Siedentopf Binocular head with phototube

Pair of widefield 10x/20 eyepieces

Quintuple nosepiece


Planachromat 5x/0.10 WD = 15.5mm

Planachromat 10x/0.25 WD = 8.7mm

Planachromat 20x/0.40 WD = 8.8mm

Planachromat 50x/0.60 WD = 5.1mm

Built-in drop control mechanical stage

180mm x 155mm with 75mm x 40mm movement

Built-in 6v 30W Halogen incident illuminator with filed iris and aperture iris

Polariser and analyser

Product Code DescriptionPrice:
IMM-1MET IMM-1 Inverted metallurgical Microscope£1,980.00
IMM-1O100 Planachromat 100x/0.80 WD = 2.1mm£330.00
LM-E10FG Widefield focusing eyepiece 10x/20 With scale graticule 10:100£54.00
PM-STGM Calibrating reflecting stage micrometer 1mm in 100 parts£75.00
IMM-TV2 C-mount adapter 0.5x£81.00