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 LM-2 Advanced binocular biological microscope with LED illumination from Laboratory Analysis Ltd

LM-2; Advanced biological microscope with LED illumination
Prices From: Prices from: £875.00 ex. VAT
Product Description

The LM-2 Advanced biological microscope

has flat field infinity corrected Planachromat objectives providing widefield crisp images.

The LM-2 is available with either a binocular viewing head or with a binocular head and phototube (as illustrated above).

 The Kohler illumination system has a field iris and a focusing and centering condenser. The LED illumination provides ideal illumination without the necessity to ever replace lamps. A 6v 20w Halogen version is also available and is recommended if phase contrast and a binocular head with phototube is selected.

Excellent Phase Contrast objectives are also available for this microscope. The standard phase contrast outfit includes 10x and 40x phase objectives and a slider containing the condenser phase rings. 20x and 100x phase objectives can be added to the standard outfit. 

Product CodeDescriptionPrice:
LM-2B Binocular microscope with LED illumination£875.00
LM-2TR Binocular microscope with phototube£940.00
LM-2TRPH Binocular phase contrast microscope with phototube£1,350.00