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Refractometer for Seawater Measurements [HI-96822]
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Product Description

Refractometer for natural or artificial seawater analysis

Laboratory grade precision

The HI-96822 digital refractometer is a rugged, portable, water resistant device that utilises the measurement of the refractive index to determine the salinity of natural and artificial seawater, ocean water or brackish intermediates. 

The HI-96822 reflects Hanna's years of experience as a manufacturer of analytical instruments. This digital refractometer eliminates the uncertainty associated with mechanical refractometers and is durable and compact enough to be used at home, in the lab and out in the field.

This digital refractometer is an optical device that is quick and easy to use. After a simple user calibration with distilled or deionised water, a seawater sample can be introduced into the sample well.

Within seconds, the refractive index and temperature are measured and converted into one of 3 popular measurement units: Practical Salinity Units (PSU), salinity in parts per thousand (ppt), or specific gravity (S.G. (20/20)). All conversion algorithms are based upon respected scientific publications using the physical properties of seawater (not sodium chloride).

The HI-96822 is lightweight, easy to use, cost-efficient, and is extremely accurate. With the ability to read in all the three of the most widely used salinity units (PSU, ppt, and specific gravity), it is the ideal instrument for any application.

Key features

  • White water resistant casing
  • Easy clean sample well
  • Zero using pure water
  • Battery operated with auto shut-off

Main benefits

  • 1.5 second measurement time
  • Direct readout
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • No calibration solutions required
  • Large clear LCD display

Please click here to download a PDF document for more information and technical specification.

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HI 96822 Refractometer for Seawater Measurements£250.46