Education and Bee Keeping

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Education and Bee Keeping

Euromex microscope BB.4260 Bioblue LED Binocular 4/10/40/100x objective with mechanical stage

Euromex microscope BioBlue LED Binocular
BioBlue binocular microscope SMP 4/10/S40/S100x oil objectives with mechanical stage and 1 W ...



Nikon Eclipse Ei student microscope new for 2021 from Laboratory Analysis ltd

New Nikon Ei Binocular student microscope with x4,x10and x40
New Nikon ECLIPSE Ei R Binocular Set or Trinocular version available with new Nikon DS1000 stand or ...


Nikon Eclipse Ei Student microscope

Microtec HM-3 Stereo microscope with phototube, transmitted

Stereozoom microscope with LED illumination;HM-3
Microtec HM-3 Stereo microscope with phototube, transmitted & incident LED illumination stand



LM-1 LED binocular microscope available from Laboratory Analysis Ltd

LM-1 Advanced biological microscope
The LM-1 Advanced biological microscope has flat field DIN Planachromat objectives providing crisp ...